Greetings Crafty Followers,

We would like to thank everyone who took the time to enter our July competition for the best-felted dogs on Instagram. We were not expecting so many entries!

We love sharing your work & seeing what gets made from our fibres. Not only does it provide good inspiration for other felting artists but it also helps us see what our fibres can be produced into which helps for future projects & shades we purchase from our suppliers.

Particularly in South America where our Alpaca comes from, the natural shades available seem to be the most popular for the felted dogs alongside our NZ carded wool.

We have some exciting new blends in work from our latest delivery and these shall be making their way onto the website shortly after being photographed.

There is also for the first time a new fibre from a Yak animal which we are sure you will love.

We have chosen the best dog for our competition and would like to extend a huge congratulations to @feltmoon_UK who we have chosen as our winner. Not only was your Cocker Spaniel so good, but we also loved the extra accessories like the bow tie & the bowl. We recommend everyone to check out this page for some amazing inspiration ideas for your crafty creations.



@feltmoon_UK if you would like to send an email or DM on Instagram we will arrange your Β£50 voucher code for our website (including free shipping).

Here are some of the entries we received from other felters below.

We hope you enjoy them as much as we have.



Thank you for the continued support & we look forward to our Alpaca shades launch at some point in August.

The Crafty Team